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Author Steve Anderson’s new book, DentalEase, is the essential dream dental practice guide every dentist needs.
It is based on over 30-years of direct dental office design/builds, working with over 1,000 dentists.
DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams will give any dentist:
  • An easy way to create a Master Plan that is customized specifically for their dental practice project. All without spending $50,000.00 or more on an expensive consultant.
  • Answers to all the question’s dentists don’t know to ask, that can save them at least $10,000.00 in costly mistakes, GUARANTEED!
  • The exact process to follow that makes creating their unique dental practice vision less stressful and even enjoyable.
Steve Anderson is a featured speaker at dental schools and dental events such as the Arizona Dental Association annual convention.
Plus, he is a featured guest speaker on dental podcast shows nationwide.
We offer a $200.00 commission to our affiliate partners on every referred sale of Steve’s essential guide, DentalEase.
Each successful sale and completed payment of DentalEase, using your affiliate tracking link, will earn you $200. Just one referral a week is an extra $800.00 per month.

How It Works

Upon enrollment, you will receive a unique affiliate tracking link.
You can share that link by email, text, on social media channels, during in-person (or Zoom) meetings, and on blogs.
There is no financial commitment on your part.
Just read the reviews to see what dentists to read DentalEase say about the book and start referring dentists you meet that need help with creating (or recreating) their dental practice vision.
One dentist called DentalEase, “an incredible encyclopedia on how to attain success as a dentist.
It will help any dentist create (or recreate) their dental practice vision of success.
Affiliates can share their affiliate link by emails, blogs, websites, texts, Zoom, or in-person meetings.
Commissions are paid monthly for every completed sale, where full payment is made. See full Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.
Start Earning Commissions Helping Dentists Realize their Practice Dream.
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