“Dental Ease is the best comprehensive guide out there to help build an office or create the practice of your dreams. It has such a great step by step approach and Steve did not forget a single detail in this book. In a time where it is difficult to find guides or tools that have high quality content without a sales pitch, comes Dental Ease, a book that can not only provide unbiased information but a useful approach to practice ownership. If any doctor is looking to own a practice or even currently owns a practice, this is the book for you to ensure you are prepared and have the best tools to succeed. For any dental professional, Dental Ease is an excellent resource as well!”

Dr. Onika Patel

Thank you for making a difference!

Your success and ongoing achievement mean the world to me.
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“This book is a wealth of knowledge! Steve has written DentalEase based on years of experience and knowledge working directly with dentists to get the practice of their dreams. I highly recommend this book for any dentist who dreams of buying, owning, or remodeling their practice.”
Dr. Allison House

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The difference between my first book, A Dentist’s Blueprint to Success, and DentalEase is significant.

When you follow the steps in DentalEase, you’ll never have to worry about unscrupulous salespeople because you’ll be prepared. With DentalEase, you’ll have ALL of the questions you need answers for uncovered.
The door to achieving your dental practice vision opens wide for you.

DentalEase is far more than a book.

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It is a step-by-step guide, giving you processes to follow that will save you time, frustration, and at least $10,000.00 (guaranteed) and as much as $100,000.00 or more. Plus, you’ll have an easy to follow “master plan,” customized for any dental practice project you’ll embark on, both now and in the future.

And you can accomplish all of this (and more) without spending $50,000.00+ on an expensive consultant.

DentalEase is a classic 332-page hardbound book divided into 5-easy to follow sections helping you build your dream practice step-by-step, including:

  • Getting started with your vision for the new and revised
  • Money and your dream
  • Designing your dream
  • Constructing your dream
  • Living your dream
Make your new year bright with the dental practice you have always dreamed of owning.
"Dental Ease is not a book about how to build a new dental office. It is an incredible encyclopedia on how to attain success as a dentist. It includes timely ideas, advice and philosophical insight on how to decide what kind of a practice you want, what kind of an office you want, what kind of a life you want."
Dr. John Wood
I look forward to reading YOUR DentalEase review.
DentalEase Author Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson
Your Dental Practice Mentor & Guide
Author: DentalEase

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