ATTENTION: Dentists who are building (creating) or renovating (recreating) their dental office and practice with a focus on making the dental practice of their dreams – a practice they would be proud to own

Discover a step-by-step plan to follow to successfully BUILD the dental practice of your dreams

You can now end confusion and create the profitable and stress-free dental office you’ve always dreamed of and save tens of thousands of dollars while doing it — even if you don’t have a clue about where to start!

DentalEase Book Cover

DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams Makes it Easy to Create a Master Plan Customized Specifically for Your Dental Practice Project Without Spending $50,000.00 or More on an Expensive Consultant. 

This Step-by-Step Plan answers all of your questions while saving you at least $10,000.00 in costly mistakes, GUARANTEED!

Here is the essential master plan that provides clarity and guidance through all the decision-making options of building your dream dental practice even if you feel completely overwhelmed and are confused today.

Why Is DentalEase so Valuable to Dentists?

Why Is DentalEase so Valuable to Dentists?

First, you have to spend countless hours researching so you can figure out all the steps you need to take to build your dream practice.

Then you need to build checklists and forms to keep track of every aspect of your project.

Finally, you have to know ALL the team members you will need to add to your dental practice ‘dream team’ to ensure you can complete the project to fit your vision. Who are all those people in the first place?

Those are just some of the questions I get asked every day by dentists who decide to create their dream dental practice.

What I see countless dentists do is turn to the Internet for answers.

The Limitations of Google

Unfortunately, the Internet doesn’t help much.

While you can get an overview of building a dream dental practice, you won’t be able to find the do-this, then do-that, step-by-step guide you want.

This is annoying because I know you, a busy dentist, is not interested in spending hours on end trying to figure this stuff out.

I also know you do not want to sift through tons of useless information — of course, that’s precisely what will happen.

You’ll spend hours clicking one link after another, trying to get to the “good” stuff.

Before you know it, you have dozens of browser tabs open, and half your day is gone.

Worse still, if you're like the dentists I talk to, you'll be more confused than you were before you started!

It seems like the people who write articles about this kind of stuff can’t agree on anything.

… one person would claim that you start by building a dream team to help you reach your goals.

… then the next one would say set a budget before doing anything else.

And your confusion grows.

It is super-frustrating.

After coming across conflicting advice more times than I could count, I started paying more attention to who was offering the advice.

What I discovered left me dumbfounded.

Many dentists who teach office and practice building have not worked with over 1,000 dentists, actually building dream dental offices — they have only seen how it works in their own business.

Either they’ve :

  • Only built their own dental offices, SO
  • They only know the process from their personal point of view and only for their own business.
  • They are dentists who can only share their personal experiences.

And that makes their perspective limited because they have only seen practice creation in their practice.

What I learned is that you can’t trust a lot of what you read online about creating your dream dental practice.



Most People Give Up On Their Dreams

I wish the problems I saw many dentists experience were unusual, but they’re not.

Virtually everyone who wants to know the right questions to ask and get the facts quickly when building a dental practice goes through something similar.

Along the way, many of them decide the process is too:

  • Difficult
  • Confusing
  • Frustrating and
  • Time-Consuming

That’s why plenty of smart dentists give up on their hopes of creating the dream dental practice and settle on working in someone else’s business instead.

It’s not that they CAN’T do it … they can.

It's just a huge pain to figure out all the details when you've got little free time, patients to generate, staff to manage, and bills to pay.

I understand that because I’ve seen over a thousand dentists go through it.

And while I did manage to sift through decades of notes, reflect on countless experiences building dental offices, and analyze the best practices of over 1,000 dentist clients to make sense of it eventually, it took:

  • More years than I care to think about.
  • Countless 16-hour workdays.
  • And many days of banging my head against the wall before I reached that place.

The good news is that you don’t need to go through all of that because I’m about to share the absolute simplest way for you to start creating your dream dental practice.

That’s why I urge you to read this letter through to the end — the information I’m about to share has the potential to be a massive game-changer for you.

But before I get to that, allow me to introduce myself.

About Me

Hi, I’m Steve Anderson.
That story I just told you took place throughout my construction career, starting way back in 1984.

I’ve specialized in building dental offices since 1997. In that time, I’ve worked with over 1,000 dentists, assisting them in designing and building the dental office they have always dreamed of owning and practicing in.

I am the only general contractor in Arizona who is endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association. I also provide CE credits for seminars I teach at dental schools and dental conventions.

DentalEase Author Steve Anderson

I find no greater joy than to positively impact others and leave a lasting legacy of improvement in everything I do.


While I’m thrilled with what I’ve managed to accomplish, I’ll admit that starting with a 5-foot pile of notes and decades worth of thoughts, comments, and experiences compiled over years of working with over 1,000 dentists building their dream dental practices was a real struggle at first.


Making sense of all the thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and experiences and compiling them into a book that makes building a dream dental practice a reality was a massive undertaking.


The good news is that I persevered, and today, I have the exact process of building your dream dental practice down to a science.


I know exactly how to create your dream dental practice from the ground up, literally, so dentists like you can live their goal in a dental practice that fits their dentistry vision and mission.


Still, I haven’t forgotten how hard it is for dentists to figure it all out on their own.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard dentists say, “I wished there was some kind of instruction manual — something I could turn to that would show me step-by-step exactly how to end confusion and overwhelm to create my unique dental practice dream and vision.”

That's Why I'm Excited to Tell You About My NEW Book DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams.

DentalEase is designed for people like you — dentists who are building (creating) or renovating (recreating) their dental office and practice with a focus on creating the dental practice they envision and would be proud to own.

DentalEase is your easy, step-by-step guide for creating the profitable and stress-free dental practice you’ve always dreamed of even if you don’t have a clue where to start!

And, because I give you a plan to follow that starts with your vision for the dream dental practice, it even works if you are afraid that something newer/better will come out as soon as you select a plan to follow.

In fact, by the time you get to the end of the book, you’ll have a step-by-step plan that is custom-tailored to create your dental practice vision, dreams, and goals!

That's because DentalEase shows you the answers to the questions you don't yet know to ask and gives you a step-by-step "dream dental practice plan" to follow.

Want to create a stress-free and profitable dental practice? The plan is in the book.

Are you interested in saving $10,000.00 (and much more) on your project? No problem. We guarantee you’ll save money.

Are you worried that you won’t have enough patients to pay for your investment? You’ll learn how to ensure you have a strong marketing program too.

In DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Creating the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams, I show you the easiest ways to:

Plan your practice from day 1, with easy to use guides, checklists, and step-by-step directions.

Live your dream – from the office staff to patients, to marketing and business management. DentalEase takes you step-by-step through the process of creating the dream dental practice you’ve always wanted.

Learn how to work with contractors effectively, have your wishes heard, understood, and carried out while never worrying about buying products you don’t need when creating your dream dental practice.

Know the right questions to ask to get the information you need when you need it to make creating your practice less stressful and even enjoyable.

DentalEase leaves nothing to chance.

If you want to create the dream dental practice that is only in your mind today, I’ll teach you how to realize your vision in less time than you ever thought possible.

But that’s not all.

In DentalEase, you’ll also get my proven strategies for saving massive amounts of time and money along the way.

Because if you’re like most people, you don’t have the luxury of wasting either.

That’s why I designed my book to help you succeed, even if you have very little:

  • Time or
  • Experience

For instance …

Did You Know You Can Learn How to Refine Your Vision and Become More Purposeful?

Yep, you read that correctly.

You can learn an easy method for discovering your vision. Then you can use it to create the dental practice you have always dreamed of owning. 

Plus, I even show you how to become more purposeful and make everything you do count WHEN you use the proven time and money-saving tactics I teach in DentalEase.

It’s incredible, and I promise you it works even if:

– You’re not a good project planner (you can be)

– You don’t think you’re any good at marketing (you will be)

– You worry you won’t know the right questions to ask (I’ll show you)

– You think building a dream dental practice is overwhelming and confusing (it won’t be)

You usually get what you aim for in all areas of life. Before you can make your dreams come true, you must first decide what you want.

I’ll show you how to determine who you are, what you want to focus on, and what you’re passionate about in dentistry. That will allow you to respond to opportunities based on your dental practice vision.

Imagine having a team that supports you, serving patients you love, in an office you enjoy working in every day.

It’s all possible WHEN you follow the steps and use the checklists, forms, and plans I give you in my book.

But DentalEase doesn’t just teach how to define your vision.

With my book, you’ll also learn super-easy methods to help you lay a foundation that will save you both time and money when creating your dream dental office.


Your Vision and 'Who YOU Are' as a Dentist Leads to Your Dream Practice

In DentalEase, I’ll also show you how to count the costs, understand lending, and select the best location.

You’ll never have to worry about cost overruns, getting loans, making the wrong decisions on your office, or selecting the best location for your practice to thrive.

You’ll know exactly how to get ready and prepare to create your dream dental practice.

I’ll even show you the attributes of a successful project so you can stay on track and prevent costly and time-consuming errors based on a lack of information.

One thing is vital. You need to dream and understand who YOU are as a dentist, first-and-foremost.

Let’s face it. Building your dream dental practice is not something you have done before.

But you won’t have to worry — DentalEase will hand you the plan and the exact steps to follow.

Your Professional Team Will Make Your Project (and Life) Less Stressful and Easier.

Many dentists are surprised to learn they do not have to know and do everything themselves.

You can avoid the pitfalls of getting sidetracked and losing focus on what’s most important to you and your patients.

I laughed when one of my clients told me that DentalEase reminded him of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide” series of books.

They thought that’s why it was perfect for any dentist who finds it challenging to plan and get their ideas on paper.

After reading, they told me, “That’s exactly what DentalEase helps with!”

Think of it like this.

If you tried to tackle a paint-by-number kit without knowing which color went with each number, it would be pretty hard. Next-to-impossible even.

But if you had the key—showing you which color went where—imagine how easy it would seem. Heck, anybody could paint a beautiful picture with the key, regardless of their skill level.

The same thing is true about building your dream dental practice.

Try to do it on your own, and it’s confusing and overwhelming — like tackling a paint-by-number without the key.

But have someone give you the key and what a difference.

Suddenly, it all seems super-easy.

That’s because it IS easy … when you have someone to show you the ropes.

You Don't Need to Be a Super-Organized Genius Project Planner to Succeed

Now, at this point, some of you might be thinking, “The book sounds great, but am I capable of doing this?

“Don’t I need to be a great project planner and manager to have a no-stress and profitable dream dental practice?”

Allow me to answer that.

First, dentists who create their dream practice are not smarter than you.

They’re also not highly organized, nor do they know everything to ask in advance.

Successful dentists simply know two things.

1) How to build a ‘dream team’ 
2) And the “right” questions to ask to get what they want when creating the practice that they envision.

Based on 30+ years of experience working with over 1,000 dentists, helping them create their dream dental practice, I wrote DentalEase.

 I created it as your essential step-by-step guide to get you from an idea of your vision to a successful practice serving patients well.

There’s nothing I teach in DentalEase that you can’t do.

You'll Also Learn How to Evaluate IF You Can Make Your Dental Practice Dreams a Reality

I don’t just show you how to count the costs. I also teach you how to ensure you get a strong return on your investment too.

Of course, to do that, you need a plan that allows you to do what you do best — dentistry — while your office is created.

While at the same time, planning well to avoid devastating out of pocket costs that can destroy you, your entire project, and even your dental practice long-term.

That's why I included an entire module on Money & Your Dream in DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams.

In that module, I give you a detailed worksheet to help you create your compilation budget. 

The compilation budget is the same planning sheet I’ve used to help dentists plan their budget well for over 30 years.

I’ll give you the facts on contracts, the dentist’s value to landlords, pitfalls, and challenges to avoid, and the pros and cons of your dream practice options.

That’s the kind of stuff I’ll show you in DentalEase.

This information is powerful. It has the potential to transform your life, just like it did for over 1,000 dentists I’ve personally worked with as clients.

Commit to Your Success Today

Right now, you’re reading this because there’s something you want more of in your career.

Either you want more money, or you wish you had more time, or you’d like to feel a greater sense of pride about your dental practice.

You can have ALL those things with DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams.
Imagine that for a moment.

What would change for you if right now, you committed to creating a better future for yourself, by following the exact steps I outline in the book?

Could you eliminate overwhelm, save at least $10,000.00 (and as much as $100,000.00 or more), and have a step-by-step plan to follow to guarantee you reach your dental practice dreams and vision?  Yes, you could.

You’d be surprised if you knew how attainable that goal is.

Like I told you earlier, these are the same systems, forms, processes, checklists, and procedures I’ve refined over the past 30-years to build 1,000+ dream dental offices.

That’s why I can guarantee you’ll save at least $10,000.00 while at the same time eliminate the feeling of overwhelm by following a step-by-step plan that will ensure you reach your dental practice vision and dreams. It is not unreasonable—at all.

Imagine not having any fear or worry about missing critical information because you don't know something vital to your project success.

If you’re like many dentists, you’ve gotten burned before on a past office renovation or construction project.

Just follow the steps in DentalEase to avoid costly errors and missteps.

Let’s look at the facts. There is a lot to do in any dream dental office project.

Using DentalEase as your guide will take you step-by-step through the entire dream dental practice creation process, from start to finish.

But the potential to live your dream with a stress-free and profitable dental practice you love is just part of the equation.


You Can't Put a Price on Achieving Your Dental Practice Vision and Leading a Life of Extreme Career Satisfaction.

Many dentists try to figure out how to create their practice as they go.  They are in constant worry that they missed something important.

They know they are likely wasting thousands upon thousands of dollars because they don’t know where to turn to ask for guidance.

And of course, dentists are repeatedly preyed upon by salespeople trying to push their most expensive product.

The worst part is that it’s generally a product that the dentist likely does not need.

Frankly, I hate to see that happen, but it’s an everyday occurrence in the dental profession.

If you can relate to that scenario, I’ve got news for you.

Creating the dream dental practice you envision is the best life I know of for any dentist.

When you follow the steps in DentalEase you’ll never have to worry about unscrupulous salespeople because you are prepared. The door to achieving your dental practice vision opens wide for you.

DentalEase is far more than a book. 

It is a step-by-step guide, giving you processes to follow that will save you time, frustration, and at least $10,000.00 (guaranteed) and as much as $100,000.00 or more.

When you follow the steps in DentalEase, it’s like having me, a builder of dream dental practices for 30+ years, sitting next to you and guiding you every step of the way.

Think about that for a minute.

In a Year From Today, Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like IF You Followed the Exact Steps That I Show You in DentalEase.

You could:

  • Realize your life goal and vision by creating the dental practice you’ve always dreamed of owning.
  • Have the support team, staff, and patients in place that best support your dental practice vision.
  • Wake up looking forward to every day, knowing you are serving your patients in the best way possible.
  • Never worry about getting taken advantage of again by salespeople that are more worried about your wallet than your results.
  • Have an exact plan to follow that answers your questions, eliminates the feeling of overwhelm, and provides focused direction.
  • Never have to worry again that you ‘don’t know what you don’t know.’ You’ll have answers to the questions that you don’t even know to ask today.

That scenario isn’t a pipe dream.
I’ve experienced all these things as a builder of dream dental practices for the past 30+ years, helping over 1,000 dentists just like you. 

You can benefit, too, by putting the information I teach in the book to work.

So, Let Me Tell You More About What You'll Get With DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams.

It is a 332-page hardbound book divided into 5-easy to follow sections helping you build your dream practice step-by-step, including: 

  • Getting started with your vision for the new and revised
  • Money and your dream
  • Designing your dream
  • Constructing your dream
  • Living your dream

Here is more of what you'll learn in DentalEase.

  • You’ll learn all of the steps to consider to fully develop your dream dental practice vision — no more guessing. 
  • I’ll show you how to prepare for your new office and select the best professional team to support your vision, even if you have no idea where to start!
  • You’ll understand who the best patients are for the style of dentistry you enjoy practicing — ensuring you love your work every single day.
  • You’ll discover how to count the costs to ensure you can achieve every aspect of your dream without overspending on non-essentials.
  • Gain a full understanding of lending, including the best way to work with lenders — this sectional alone can save you thousands of dollars.
  • See how to create the best flow and design for your practice — so nothing is forgotten or omitted. 
  • You’ll understand construction costs, including the pitfalls, to avoid. 
  • Learn the skill of winning communication to get what you want when working with a contractor, so they understand what your dental practice vision needs. 
  • Get a flow chart that breaks all of the projects steps down into bite-sized steps. 
  • See how to establish realistic timelines for your project — no more sleepless nights worrying if you are running behind. 
  • You’ll learn about the Four Keys to Business Success and how to make sure your passion for the dental profession is at the forefront. 
  • How to hire and manage your staff to create optimal performers — no more frustration with under performing staff members that hurt your practice. 
  • Why setting up the office as “a great place to be” is essential to marketing. In Chapter 18, I even include the 3-spheres that influence your business and its future success. 
  • You’ll gain new skills in how to market effectively in your local community and distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • You’ll even discover the mighty “FISTS of Success” to make sure you never cripple your chances of success again.


But don't just take my word for it.

Check Out What Dentists Say After Reading DentalEase:

Dr. John Wood

“Dental Ease is not a book about how to build a new dental office. It is an incredible encyclopedia on how to attain success as a dentist.

It includes timely ideas, advice and philosophical insight on how to decide what kind of a practice you want, what kind of an office you want, what kind of a life you want.

It includes needed elements of practice management, business planning, financial planning, construction and architectural planning, dental office and workflow design, and how to take care of and maintain what you create.

It stimulates your imagination and gives you important keys for success. Every dentist should have this book whether or not they have plans for a new office.

Oh, how I wish I had had this book many years ago! It would have been my work/life “Owners Manual”! Your book is truly EXCELLENT!”

“Dental Ease is the best comprehensive guide out there to help build an office or create the practice of your dreams. It has such a great step by step approach, and Steve did not forget a single detail in this book.”

Dr Onika Patel

“Hey, Steve, loved your book. It reminded me of the Complete Idiot’s Guide series of books, so I think it’s perfect for us dentists. So many of us know what we want, but it’s difficult to get it on paper without outside expertise. That’s exactly what DentalEase helps with!”

Dr. Kirk Robertson

“Great Book for a dentist with a big vision, who needs help bringing it to life! Steve Anderson has so much wisdom from his years of experience in the dental industry, and he shares it all in this book. There are great pearls everywhere in this book, from financing and cost estimates to office flow and design, this book is a very well thought out guide to doing things the right way. Five Stars!”

Dr. Joseph Musselman

When I Was Creating This Book, I Had Two Options.

Because there is literally nothing else on the market that’ll take you by the hand and show you precisely what you need to do to build the stress-free and profitable dental practice of your dreams I had an important decision to make.

The first was to skimp on the value by keeping the book super-short and charging less money.

The second was to pack the book with as much valuable information as I could, based on decades of first-hand experience, so you have the absolute best chance of duplicating the success of over 1,000 dentist clients I’ve personally worked with in building dream dental practices.

I chose the second option because I want you to make sure you are Making Your Dream A Reality!

And the best way I know to help you do that is to share everything I’ve learned with you about building dream dental practices over the last 30+ years, so you have all the same know-how I do. Of course, that meant I had to spend years writing. 

The book is hardbound, 332-pages, and is divided into 22 easy to follow sequential chapters. 

Each chapter takes you step-by-step, showing you how to build your dream practice.

It’s the most comprehensive building your dream dental practice book you’ll find on the market today.

DentalEase teaches you how to build the dental practice of your dreams and take your dental practice to the next level of success.

So let’s talk about how you can get started creating your vision and realizing your dream.

I’m offering DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams for just one easy payment of $497.

Meaning that you’re getting each knowledge packed chapter for less than $22 each – that’s likely 100-times less than you probably lost the last time you made costly errors from having incomplete information.

And unlike the cash that you lost on mistakes, the money you spend on DentalEase is an investment in your future.

You’re investing a small amount of money now, so you have the means to create a better life for yourself that I mentioned earlier.

Let Me Tell You Why Your DentalEase Investment Is Important

Some of you who are reading this right now:

  • Know that DentalEase WILL teach you how to create the successful dental practice you envision.
  • Know you can be VERY successful as a dentist, and
  • Most importantly, you KNOW that unless you invest today, you probably won’t follow through with this — even though it’s the absolute most straightforward and efficient way to achieve a dream dental practice that impacts your patient’s lives.

Sound familiar?

If so, I urge you to invest in the DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams today.

That investment will give you 497 reasons to take the lessons in the book seriously and make it work for you, so you CAN have the type of dental practice we talked about earlier.

I'm talking about the practice that you've always dreamed of owning.

Imagine that you wake up every morning energized to make a difference in your patient’s lives.

After all, you already know you can succeed with this—you just need a push, so you’ll follow through.

$497 is a great push.

It’s a way of saying to yourself, “I’m committing to my success. I’m putting money on the line, because I know I’ll make this work if I have skin in the game.”

Plus, you have absolutely nothing to lose by doing that, because I’m offering a 12-month, $10,000.00 risk-free guarantee.

My 12-Month, $10,000.00 Money-Back Guarantee

Follow the directions. Use the steps, forms, checklists, and processes clearly outlined in DentalEase. Take each section and apply what you learn, step-by-step. 

If you don’t save at LEAST $10,000.00 in your dream dental office project as you follow the steps in the book over the next 12-months, I’ll refund every penny of your money. No questions asked, no hassles, no fine print.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this book. I know it will change your dental career for the better, starting today.

So, I know I've covered a lot here today -- let me just quickly sum up what you're going to get with DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams

Getting started with your vision for the new and revised
Learn how to define and create your vision, prepare for your new office, and select your professional team to support you.

Money and your dream
If you ever thought that figuring out costs, understanding lending, making the office your own was too tough to figure out, think again. DentalEase lays out the plan and steps for you — all you have to do is fill in the blanks for your particular practice.

Designing your dream
Having a fantastic office to work in is easy once you understand the fundamental concepts of flow and planning. DentalEase gives you all that information in an easy-to-digest format, so your office is planned correctly, flows well, and impresses your patients with its outstanding, comfortable design.

Constructing your dream
Learn all about construction costs and how to work with your contractor, so your ideas are heard and used. This section shows you how to create timelines for your project from the start through celebrating your grand opening.

Again, you get all this valuable information for a small one-time investment of $497.

But let me tell you why this course is an even better value.

Every dentist makes mistakes along the way.

Unfortunately, those mistakes are expensive, often costing hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars.

In DentalEase, I show you how to prevent those mistakes —mistakes, by the way, that would cost you far more than the price of this essential guide.

And again, if you’re not satisfied — I offer a full 12-month, $10,000.00 saved guarantee.

All Right… NOW Is the Time.

There is nothing else on the planet that will take you by the hand and show you the exact steps you need to take to create the stress-free and profitable dental practice of your dreams.

But you have to act now.

To get started, click the payment button below, enter your details, and we'll ship you a copy of DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams right away.

Let me tell you why it’s crucial you do that right now.

This is the very first time I’m making DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams available at this price.

At first, I priced the book at $997.00 due to the wealth of information it contained and the extraordinary money-back guarantee I offered. 

But I wanted to price it to be affordable for everyone, so I lowed the cost to just $497. But there’s a chance that production costs will rise and the book returns to its original price. 

I won’t know that until I see what the demand for it is.

For that reason, I can’t promise that if you come back later, you’ll still be able to get DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Building the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams for just $497.

So again, take advantage today by clicking the payment button below and entering your details. We will ship you a copy of DentalEase right away.

Let me break this down for you even further.

You have one of two options:

Ignore this and keep doing what you’re doing.
Continue worrying about how you will create a dental practice you are proud to call your own. Wonder how you’ll reach the next level in your dental career.


Make a small RISK-FREE investment in your future.
Learn the steps to take to build your dream dental practice. And learn those steps from someone who has created more than 1,000 dream dental practices over the past 30+ years.

Start NOW by clicking the payment button below and entering your details.

When you order, we’ll ship DentalEase to you on the next business day.

Steve recommends these great options:

DentalEase The Essential Guide to Creating the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams

Hardcover Book
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  • Hardbound Book
  • 322 Total Pages
  • 5-Easy To Follow Sections


Conveniently Listen On Your
Favorite Podcast Player
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  • Learn the DentalEase processes and systems no matter where you are, commuting to your practice, exercising, or just relaxing at home.
  • Order the new DentalEase Audiobook now for just a single payment of $297.

Dream Dental Practice Builder's Package

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  • Request the Dream Dental Practice Builders All-Inclusive pack and receive the:
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I love hearing how my book has changed dentist’s lives and careers for the better — it’s one of the most rewarding things about what I do.

Thanks for your time!

I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to create the dental practice you have always dreamed of owning.

DentalEase Author Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson, Your Dental Practice Mentor and Guide
Author, DentalEase
President: Denco Dental Construction

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