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Reviews from dentists who have read DentalEase

“When it comes to building a practice, DentalEase by Steve Anderson is the most informative book on the market. He is thorough, comprehensive, and detailed in his explanations. Too often you read books with “too much fluff” and are sorely disappointed that the entire thing was a “sales pitch” to purchase products/services. This is absolutely NOT the case with DentalEase. It is truly the standard by which our profession should build practices and gives you a step-by-step guideline on what to look for, what to ask, who to hire, how to do it, and most importantly answers the “why” questions! I highly recommend DentalEase to any of my colleagues, good luck on your journey!”

Dr. Michael Halcomb
Dr. John Wood

“Dental Ease is not a book about how to build a new dental office. It is an incredible encyclopedia on how to attain success as a dentist.

It includes timely ideas, advice and philosophical insight on how to decide what kind of a practice you want, what kind of an office you want, what kind of a life you want.

It includes needed elements of practice management, business planning, financial planning, construction and architectural planning, dental office and workflow design, and how to take care
of and maintain what you create.

It stimulates your imagination and gives you important keys for success. Every dentist should have this book whether or not they have plans for a new office.

Oh, how I wish I had had this book many years ago! It would have been my work life “Owners Manual”! Your book is truly EXCELLENT!”

“Dental Ease is the best comprehensive guide out there to help build an office or create the practice of your dreams. It has such a great step by step approach and Steve did not forget a single detail in this book. In a time where it is difficult to find guides or tools that have high quality content without a sales pitch, comes Dental Ease, a book that can not only provide unbiased information but a useful approach to practice ownership. If any doctor is looking to own a practice or even currently owns a practice, this is the book for you to ensure you are prepared and have the best tools to succeed. For any dental professional, Dental Ease is an excellent resource as well!”

Dr. Onika Patel
Dr. Kyla Hollen

“I think everyone needs this book! Of course, no one book can say it all, but this book is a testament to the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of your design process. I’ve had some friends go with the “other guys”  and I can say for a fact that they hit so many bumps that I didn’t even know were a possibility. The cost of design mistakes really add to the bottom line years to come. I’m glad to say that my startup is now at full capacity and that the decision to spend wisely in the beginning is paying off big time.”

“Amazing book, a must read for new and old timer dentists like myself. There are a lot of great info on every page that’s crucial to know and understand before doing an office. If you don’t have the time to read then when you work with Steve and Denco Dental don’t worry its like having the book by your side every step of the way! I have so much respect for Steve and Denco Dental. Thank you for bringing my dream and vision to life!”

Dr. Rassa Abdoll
Dr. Mark Evans

What a great book! Steve has done a great job putting his years of experience and expertise into an easy and readable format. This book has been incredibly useful in helping me with my dental startup and build out my space! I would highly recommend Dental Ease to anyone who is considering starting a dental practice!

“Steve’s book is a fantastic, all-encompassing book that will take you through the decision-making process for expanding or building a new office, and through every decision all the way through occupying your beautiful new office. I’ve never seen a resource like this and wish I would have had it when I was planning my offices. Luckily, I used Steve on my second office
and couldn’t be happier with the results as well as the experience along the way.”

Dr. Wyatt Wood
Eric Faas
VP, Legal Services, Pediatric Dental Brands
“This book is unique is a lot of ways. First, the author draws on decades of expertise, and literally hundreds of projects to provide a context that is absolutely invaluable. I don’t know of any other resource like it. As someone charged with overseeing the construction and opening of dental offices, this book is a resource and a checklist for understanding and remembering the details that can easily be overlooked in the hustle. For a dentist, whether opening a first office or an expansion practice, this book breaks it all down to basic foundational goals, and then builds the practice real estate bit by bit and function by function on top of those foundational goals. Its straightforward, methodical, and thorough. This book is a must read for any practitioner, project manager, or office manager who is planning on, or even dreaming about, opening a dental office. In fact, this book will help you focus the dream and turn it into a reality. “
“I’ve known Steve for almost 20 years. He has just as much passion for his Craft and the Dental industry today as he did then. Steve not only builds beautiful offices but also genuinely cares deeply about his clients and the industry as a whole. He has successfully put 20 years of know how and experience into this step by step guide for Dentists. Great work Steve”
Jay Baer
Bank of America Practice Solutions
Craig Willett
CEO UTAZ Development Corporation
“Steve’s book is a fantastic, all encompassing book that will take you through the decision making process for expanding or building a new office, and through every decision all the way through occupying your beautiful new office. I’ve never seen a resource like this and wish I would have had it when I was planning my offices. Luckily I used Steve on my second office and couldn’t be more happy with the results as well as the experience along the way.”

“Steve at Denco Construction does it again! If you’re a new dentist just graduated or been practicing for decades or anything in between, you MUST pick up this resource to guide to on building the practice of your dreams! It is possible with Steve’s extensive knowledge to achieve your vision. Stress free + Profitable Dental Practice, check! Thank you Steve for working so hard to serve our dentists! Cheers!”

Julie Kersjes
Regional Account Manager, Hu-Friedy
Dr. Beth Hamann

“Steve Anderson and his team are extremely knowledgeable, talented, hard working and efficient. They took our dream of adding a larger reception room, lab, sterilization room and 4 more treatment rooms and masterfully prepared and staged our remodel with only 2 weeks of downtime when we couldn’t schedule patients! And now, Steve has written this book sharing his years of experience and knowledge directly with dentists. Very informative and practical, this book is a MUST for any dentist who dreams of buying, owning and/or remodeling the practice of his/her dreams! If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Steve in person or working with him on your project, you will be amazed with his vast knowledge/experience, calm nature, creativity and integrity.”

“You will not be disappointed!! Steve Anderson and his whole team at Denco Dental surpass your expectations whether it’s a remodel or a brand new office build out.  This book is time well spent both for Steve and those in this profession who want to rise to excellence in caring for the patient. Congratulations on this accomplishment Steve – May the Lord richly bless your efforts and all those who are so fortunate to have you guiding this process for them which can be quite overwhelming. Thank you for this contribution to the Dental profession.”

Dr. Karen Teeters
Dr. Marc Pospisil

“In 2019, Denco finished our remodel and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome!  Our site was 30 years old and was in great need of an update and Steve’s team helped us through every step of the expansion.  Steve Anderson and his team were able to take our 1200 sq. ft office and expanded it to 2400 sq. ft. and were able to keep us up and running throughout the entire process.  Steve’s knowledge and experience is remarkable and the insights contained in his book “Dental Ease” will be a great asset to anyone looking to improve their office.”

“This book is a wealth of knowledge! Steve has written this book based on years of experience and knowledge working directly with dentists to get the practice of their dreams. I highly recommend this book for any dentist who dreams of buying, owning or remodeling their practice.”

Dr. Allison House
Dr. Kris Heap

“Great book on building a dental practice from someone who has literally built dental practices from the ground up. Steve knows what he’s talking about and presents it in an easily applicable way so you can implement these strategies immediately in your practice.”

“Great book for a dentist with a big vision, who needs help bringing it to life! Steve Anderson has so much wisdom from his years of experience in the dental industry, and he shares it all in this book. There are great pearls everywhere in this book, from financing and cost estimates, to office flow and design, this book is a very well thought out guide to doing things the right way. I can’t wait to work with Steve when my lease is up! Five Stars!”

Dr. Joseph Musselman

“Hey, Steve, loved your book. It reminded me of the Complete Idiot’s Guide series of books, so I think it’s perfect for us dentists. So many of us know what we want, but it’s difficult to get it on paper without outside expertise. That’s exactly what DentalEase helps with!” 

Dr. Kirk Robertson

“Wow, Steve. Great book. They should make DentalEase required reading in dental schools—really. I wish I had a book like this before I started in the profession. Sure, I picked up a helpful tidbit by reading articles here and there, but nothing close to how comprehensive this book is. I like how you touched on the people side, discussing DISC, and the case studies on office design were terrific. Your attention to detail, patience, and care for our office came through every time we talked. You exceeded our expectations, and the final result is an office that our patients are happy to walk into every day. Congratulations on a great book!”

Dr. Sameet Koppikar

“So you want to create your dental dream space? DentalEase is not only a must read, but a true call to action. Steve Anderson carefully walks you through the process of the dream, onto paper, and into reality. This book is thorough, very practical, and will guide you to a more enjoyable experience!”

Trost Dental

“After working with Steve for years on many projects, I started reading his book with the intention of reviewing it to make recommendations to new dentists beginning on their journey of practice ownership and building a new practice. I was thrilled to find how valuable this book was for me as well! I have been practicing for 16 years and have purchased two practices, with plans to purchase a building in the near future. This book has been so helpful! I highly recommend this book for any dentist planning to purchase a practice or build out a new office. Although, I believe this book is really valuable for any practicing dentist. Thank you, Steve, for your dedication to the dental community! You nailed it with this book!”

Dr. Jennifer Enos

“Steve is a genius in his field. When I met Steve, we went over my extremely detailed vision of my dental office and I thought I would have to lead a contractor to ensure it was exactly what I wanted. In actuality, Steve led me through turning my dream office into a reality in the most efficient and timely manner. I would absolutely use him again and recommend him highly. His book is everything you need to know. Thanks Steve!”

Dr. Rick Kariotoglou

“Steve Anderson and his team are amazing! They do a wonderful job executing all the details. I have not hesitated to call them for future jobs as they always come through and exceed my expectations. This book is sure to provide insight when building or remodeling a dental office.”

Dr. Gwen Multine

“If you are thinking about a remodel, Steve Anderson and his expertise is the best place to start. As a client of his, I highly recommend his knowledge and guidance regarding the remodeling of a dental office. I am so pleased with all aspects of our remodel process and the valuable input and work I received from Steve Anderson and his team. Thank you Denco for making our dream practice a reality!”

Kate Porter

“The book is incredible. Truly impressive! I haven’t seen anything so thorough and complete. What an asset and gift to the Dental community!”

Dr. Anthony Herro
Drs. Christopher & Brenda Granillo

“We have all heard of the saying “Time is Money” and when considering a dental practice remodel, this couldn’t be more true.  Steve’s approach, which is captured beautifully in his book Dental Ease, is just that, a strategic step wise framework for saving time and money; whether you are considering a remodel or a complete build out of a new office.  Steve and the entire Denco Team are meticulous and experienced contractors targeting dentistry, which is not an easy find.  Steve’s accomplishments in the field are remarkable and we highly recommend you look no further.  From the minute you first meet Steve, his calm disposition, knowledge, and veracity will surpass your expectations.  Much appreciated.”

Dr. Karl Bohman
“DentalEase is the foremost, modern manual written to educate and advise the dentist looking to create their own unique practice space! It’s author, Steve Anderson shares his knowledge, experience, and passion to guide you the dentist through this career-enhancing, detail intense process. 
Buy the book and study Steve’s valuable insight before beginning your own journey! There is so much you can learn(money you can save) by engaging the process and going with the best! I have personally worked side by side with Steve on my three career-long projects. These three personal endeavors over twenty-five years involved two practice re-locations, two extensive tenant improvement build-outs, one space expansion, and finally my own space purchase with adjacent income-producing rental space. 
Steve is the master in his field and I can honestly say he is vested in your career success! DentalEase is the first step to assure your very own successful journey! Thank you Steve for helping me enjoy each and every day I practice!”

“Dental Ease is a must read for anyone considering building or remodeling a dental office. The book offers clarity and guidance through all the decision-making options and more importantly helps you create a master plan that is customized for your project.”

Dr. Lori Trost
Dr. Joseph Creech Jr.

“As an academician, I see first hand the quality education our new dental colleagues receive in patient care.  As a private practitioner, I see the lack of information they receive in the business of what they will do on a day to day basis.  Even the most knowledgeable and talented clinician will fail if they lack the pieces of the business of dentistry.
“Steve Anderson’s book fills in these missing pieces.  It addresses the basics of finding the best first setting as well as growing and expanding into a mature, successful business to carry the dentist throughout their career.
“This should be the graduation gift every young doctor receives.”

“Very useful information with Incredible detail. Mr. Anderson’s book is an excellent resource for anyone taking on the huge task of building an ideal practice design matching their own personal goals and needs.”

Dr. Hugh Gruhn
Paula D. Aguayo
Attorney at Law

Are you are starting your Dental Practice in new space, or perhaps renovating or renewing your existing Practice? DentalEase is your confident guide and comprehensive resource through the process of making your Dream Practice a reality!

The process of building or renovating a Practice is daunting because there are so many varied but essential tasks, such as finding the right lender, reviewing the Practice Lease or Real Estate Purchase Contract, discussions and choices concerning design, materials, space planning, patient comfort, office efficiencies and Practice location.

Author and contractor Steve Anderson has been a trusted partner for Dentists embarking on this process for more than 20 years. With DentalEase, you have a map and guidebook for creating the Dental Practice of your Dreams!

“Steve Anderson's book on how to build and design a start up dental practice is the best I've ever come across. The logic, planning and execution are spot on. As I've gone about designing my practice, his book has been an excellent reference source. Steve and his team are very experienced and really help their clients maximize their budget while building an amazing practice. Great people doing a great job!”
Dr. Ryan Thomas
Dr. Scott Adams
“First met Steve as we began beginning a new clinic a number of years ago. From start to finish, he made the process simple and clear. There are so many facets to building an office, as well as building a practice. I would say it is absolutely necessary to have someone like Steve involved in the process. I wouldn't consider using anyone but him if the need arises again. He just came out with an amazing book. It is a must-read for dentists looking to improve their office and their business.”

“Working with Steve Anderson and his Staff always makes my life easier. As a dental architect, it really helps to work with people who know the special ins and outs of the dental construction world. Steve’s book is not only thorough but easy to read and graphically interesting. It helps you wade through the process and comprehend what the effort will be. I would recommend Steve and his book to any dentist that wants to build a new dental office.”

Grant Call
“More than I could ever want to know when it comes to considerations for a dental office build. Do yourself a favor and read this book!”
Dr. Aaron Jeziorski
“It’s clear that DentalEase is a labor of love, and a gold mine of information. I’ve known Steve for over 10 years now, and he doesn’t do anything half-way. This book looks like everything he’s learned over the years… on paper. What a legacy to impart to the dental profession! Thank you, Steve for all you do and continue to do for us!”
Dr. Alyssa Levin


DentalEase is a Step-by-Step Plan that answers all of your questions while saving you at least $10,000.00 in costly mistakes, GUARANTEED!

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